7th Tradition

 7 h Tradition– Every CEA-HOW group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.

Support the Fellowship- Make a Donation to AZ CEAHOW.

7th Tradition AZ CEAHOW Intergroup Donation

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Support the Fellowship- Make a Donation to World Service Organization CEAHOW.

7th Tradition to WSO CEA HOW

OPPORTUNITY TO SHOW GRATITUDE!  It is always an opportune time to count our blessings and to acknowledge the many gifts that the CEA-HOW program has given to us by making a donation to the fellowship.

Your donation supports CEA-HOW by carrying the message of recovery.  Your generosity is appreciated by compulsive eaters in and out of the CEA-HOW rooms.  Your donations support all members of the Fellowship:  you are providing the resources to carry the message of hope to those individuals struggling with our disease, you are supporting your fellows who have found the solution in the rooms of CEA-HOW, you are assisting CEA-HOW service level groups who are struggling financially, and you are ensuring that CEA-HOW will be here for YOU.  The contributions of the individual are as valued as the contributions of service levels who donate funds beyond their prudent reserves.

Annual donations continue to be down and the financial health of our Fellowship depends on the support of every member.  Find out more about support for our fellowship on our website under “What is WSO?”  An audio presentation about WSO is available for download at: http://www.ceahow.org/news/2013-world-service-business-conference.

Please give generously so CEA-HOW can continue to carry the message of recovery.

Just as our disease is year-round, so too do we have a year-round opportunity to support the CEA-HOW Fellowship.

Support the Fellowship- Make a Donation.

Your donations can be sent to LA CEA-HOW Intergroup address or directly to CEA Global.

AZ CEAHOW  Mailing instructions:  Barbara P  480-383-9536 or babspin1945@gmail.com

CEA-HOW WSO, 3371 Glendale Boulevard, Suite 104, Los Angeles CA 90039-1825.  Make checks payable to CEA-HOW.

7th Tradition AZ CEAHOW Intergroup Donation